Enjoy your candy! Category

Enjoy your candy!

From sophisticated macarons and three tiered cakes to fun candyfloss, doughnuts and marshmallows, fairy-tale gingerbread houses and glitter topped ice-cream cones. All zero calorie but 100% fun! Sadly not to be eaten but they will sparkle and tempt year after year! #sweettooth #sweettreats

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Icons Category


At first glance a traditional Christmas (green, gold and red) but look again to see the ‘sparkles from Amsterdam’ twist! Dalmations and Daschunds wearing sparkly festive hats mix alongside iconic glittery red phone boxes and red fire engines. Classic and nostalgic telephones and gramophones represent Christmasses past. #icons #lookagain #vintage #nostalgia

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Exotic Panthers Category

Exotic Panthers

Our wildest collection. Exotic Black Panthers and Gold Lions prowl on the ground while glittery hummingbirds and toucans fly above. Paradise continues with mouth-watering tropical pineapples, lemons and dragon fruits. #exoticpanthers #tasteofparadise

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Top of the Pops Category

Top of the Pops

Missed or miss the ‘80s but love the bold styles, slogans, colourful fashion and retro music? Then show your mood with a ‘wow’ or ‘omg’ and express yourself with our retro style of glittery rainbow rollerskates and sunglasses. #topofthepops #neon #smashhits

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Tiffany Category

Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Bring the glamour and sophistication of Tiffany’s to your home this Christmas. Iconic turquoise baubles and gift box decorations sit alongside Tiffany’s coloured boots and baby pink glitter dresses, boots and gift bags. #newyorkstyle #hollygolightly #tiffanys #glamour #audreyhepburn

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Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes

Make a strong statement with the gold and black decorations in this collection. The moons, stars, thunders and clouds will take your style sky-high while music-lovers will heart the vintage vinyl record, guitar and ‘you rock’ baubles. #yourock #sky-high #starsandstripes

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Eclectic Category


Shimmer and shine with our eclectic collection of metallic tones and reflections. From jellyfish, giraffe and glittery snails to pink opal baubles, pineapples and rose gold headphones - this collection is mysterious, surprising, quirky and cool. #eclectic #surpriseme #whynot

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Treasure Hunters Category

Treasure Hunters

If bling’s your thing, look no further. Gold bars, gold watches, gold champagne bottles – they’re all here alongside a dazzling array of heavily decorated glamourous baubles. This theme also includes some gorgeous golden candles for creating extra festive sparkly mood! #treasure #bling #luxelife

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